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Revolutionary. Innovative. Cutting edge. Whatever you call it, Veritas Prep has set a new standard for online GMAT preparation. We have taken the world’s best GMAT instructors and matched them with the most interactive, most seamless live online learning platform available anywhere in the world. Say goodbye to pixelated webcams; with studio-grade video your instructor is as energetic and dynamic as she is clear and vivid. Need personalized attention or just some accountability to keep your studies on track? See for yourself why every GMAT instructor says it’s the most interactive format they’ve ever taught. Online GMAT prep that’s as convenient as it is compelling, that gives both you and your instructor every tool necessary to make it the most engaging, most interactive class you’ve ever taken. It’s not just as good as in-person education. It’s better. And it’s only available from Veritas Prep.


“This is a compelling, well-considered take on teaching online, and I give Veritas Prep lots of credit for its innovative approach.”
–Jeff Stanzler, New media and New Literacies Faculty, University of Michigan School of Education

The best GMAT instructors in the world

If you’re looking for the most accomplished and engaging GMAT instructors in the world, then look no further. Veritas Prep has taken five of its most accomplished instructors—with combined teaching experience of more than 10,000 hours—and given them what they need to run the most advanced, effective GMAT prep courses available in the world. Each instructor is a Veritas Prep Instructor of the Year winner, and every one of them is consistently rated with near-perfect scores from our students.

Meet our all-star instructor team:

Chris is a veteran GMAT instructor who has taught more than 150 Veritas Prep courses and helped thousands of students successfully prepare for the GMAT. After graduating from Stanford, Chris served as a member of Yosemite’s Search and Rescue Team and then started his own climbing school and guide service in Acadia National Park. He joined the Veritas Prep team after moving to New York City in 2004 and has worked full time for the company as both a teacher and curriculum developer since that time. Chris is co-author of Veritas Prep’s current GMAT course curriculum and also helped develop the Veritas Prep GMAT practice tests. After building a devoted following among GMAT students in New York City and San Francisco, Chris is excited to teach students anywhere in the world from his online teaching studio on the coast of Maine. View courses and reviews »

David, Veritas Prep’s 2008 Instructor of the Year, has been teaching and tutoring as a part of the Veritas Prep team since 2006. He is truly in elite company: David scored in the 99th percentile on both the GMAT and the LSAT. After graduating from the University of Michigan Law School with his JD, David worked for the National Park Service living on a wilderness island and writing environmental compliance documents. Now living in Vermont and teaching Veritas Prep’s Live Online GMAT courses, David teaches and tutors the GMAT full-time. David is a true GMAT expert, and his learning techniques and community contributions have helped thousands of GMAT students all over the world. View courses and reviews »

An experienced GMAT instructor, Aaron has been teaching for Veritas Prep since 2006. While the GMAT isn’t rocket science, Aaron could do that, too (his undergraduate degree is in Astrophysics)! Since then, Aaron graduated #1 in his MBA cohort at Brigham Young University and finished his doctoral coursework in Educational Leadership at the University of Utah. Aaron’s engaging teaching style and creative methodologies help students look at questions from a totally different perspective, turning horrendous problems into simple, 20-second solutions. He has the distinction of being Veritas Prep’s 2012 Instructor of the Year. View courses and reviews »

Ravi holds the distinction of being the single highest-rated GMAT instructor in the world on GMAT Club. The holder of degrees from UC-Berkeley (BS), USC (JD), and UCLA (MBA) he is revered for his “99th percentile or bust” teaching philosophy and beloved for the notable catchphrases that guide students through challenging test-day problems. Ravi blends a challenging classroom environment with just the right amount of personalized attention. An avid basketball player, Ravi has traded the borrowed mantle “the Wizard of Westwood” for the broader reach of “the Oracle of Online” in the GMAT space, now teaching students around the world with his tough-but-fair approach to test preparation. View courses and reviews »

A test prep instructor since he was a student at Tufts in 2000, Ethan has taught the GMAT all across the world from New York to Seattle to Dubai, and now broadcasts his creative and engaging lessons from his studio in Amherst. In 2013, he won the Veritas Prep Instructor of the Year award, but readily admits that he truly found his calling with the launch of the HD video Live Online format. And whether he’s encouraging readers to visit the Himalayas or students to improve their algebra, he always has his eyes on helping others reach that elusive summit. View courses and reviews »

The word is out

Every day we collect reviews from our own GMAT prep students, and we read every single one of them. Take a look at just some of the recent reviews submitted by students in some of our most recent live online GMAT prep courses:

This is the best online course I have ever taken. I love the interface because it was so different than anything I had seen in my undergraduate courses.” – Mallory Kaiser

I was a little hesitant about doing an online class, but I ended up loving it! The user interface worked well and I appreciated seeing an extra amount of participation in the chat brought by the online format. The online format made class easy, comfortable, and efficient.” – Ryan Johnson

I felt as though I was sitting in an in-person class. I also felt as if my instructor was talking to me directly which is a totally different experience from other online classes. This online class didn’t seem like an online class at all.” – Caitlin Webster

I was very surprised by how effective I found this class to be. This is the first time I have ever taken an online class, and I can honestly say that it was just as good, or better, than any in-person class I attended in undergrad.” – Matthew Alles

Taking the Veritas Prep GMAT course is one of the smartest academic decisions I have ever made. The platform was incredible. Overall, it was the coolest learning experience I have ever been a part of.”
– Jonathan Rhodes

If you are deciding on whether you need to take a GMAT prep course, take my advice – you do. Veritas Prep is excellent and has given me strategies and knowledge that will prepare me better for the GMAT than independent study. The online classroom is fantastic, and the instructors are top notch.” – Kelsey Ryan

My instructor’s familiarity with the material allowed him to quickly diagnose mistakes that students were making, explain them in an understandable way, and conduct the class in a very efficient and valuable way.”
– John Semmes

I know for a fact that I will be well prepared when I take the GMAT two weeks from now. Everything from the instructor to the easy to use and navigate Veritas online site was so incredibly helpful. I highly recommend Veritas for anyone who is serious about getting into a top business school.” – Daniel Day

The online course was surprisingly interactive, engaging and entertaining. It felt as if I were sitting in an actual classroom.” – Derrick Iloenyosi

I have really enjoyed the GMAT resources available at Veritas Prep. I felt very intimidated to start studying for the GMAT, but Veritas Prep has provided me with the structure and tools I need to practice and do my best on game day.” – Steffi Medina

I feel that there is no way I could have prepared for the GMAT without this course. I am constantly amazed by all the resources available to me and the extensive amount of feedback given. The online classes and enthusiasm of my instructor turned this exam into a very interesting and intriguing challenge. So thank you Veritas Prep!” – Alisa Raisis

Veritas Prep is the total package. The lessons are definitely the best part, but the online solution bank with the “message board” style comments are so helpful when it comes to figuring out why some answers are right and why others are wrong.” – Rebecca Liaw

The Live Online classroom interface exceeded my expectations. I did not anticipate the course being as interactive as it was. The polling, thumbs up/down, and chat aspects were all great. I believe having another instructor on the chat window was a key factor in making the platform work.” – Justin Jones

Live Online GMAT Classes

Why choose live online GMAT courses for your exam preparation? Sure, there are the standard reasons: live online GMAT prep is generally more convenient than in-person classrooms, plus online GMAT classes are recorded for you to return to later. But at Veritas Prep, live online GMAT goes several steps further; it’s not “almost as good as being there in person” - it’s better. Why?

Participation. Educational research shows that the more a student participates, the more that student learns. But it also shows that most students self-censor their own comments and questions. Whether for being shy, for not wanting to make everyone wait while they ask a question, or for not quite knowing what they want to ask or how they want to phrase it, most students stop themselves from raising their hand as much as they’d like to - and from participating in class as much as they should. At Veritas Prep, the live online GMAT classroom is designed to make participation easy, anonymous, and fun, so that you participate more than you ever thought you would - and you learn more than you thought you would, too.

Answer questions with the click of a button in anonymous polls, where only your instructor will see what you picked. Ask questions via typewritten chat - either publicly for everyone to read or privately to just your instructor - without having to make the class wait while you make your point. And answer short-answer questions so quickly and regularly that participation becomes second-nature with no self-censorship: Veritas Prep’s live online GMAT teachers are taught to ask lots of quick questions that elicit short, easy-to-type answers, serving two major purposes. One, you’re never a passive observer in your online GMAT class, but instead an active participant discovering how much you already know and actively building connections toward what you need to know. And two, with all of your live online GMAT classmates participating just as actively, safety-in-numbers dictates that there’s no reason to fear a silly question or a wrong answer. A culture of participation helps everyone learn more, and soon enough you’ll feel like a full-fledged team with the rest of your online GMAT class.

Instructional Excellence. At Veritas Prep, you can be certain that your live online GMAT instructor will be the best test prep instructor you’ve ever had. How? We’re so intent on sharing our best instructors with the world that we built custom live online teaching studios for them, complete with thousands of dollars of educational and audio/visual equipment. That’s the kind of investment you only make when an instructor has proven themselves to be the absolute best after thousands of hours of in-person classroom and tutoring experience with top-notch student reviews and success stories. Want to make sure your live online GMAT class is taught by an absolute superstar? Google the teacher and you’ll see website after website of 5-star student reviews. But that’s not all; the studio-style setup means that your instructor will be on her feet and in peak performance mode - not sitting in pajamas at a kitchen table like you can get away with on a traditional, webcam-based live online GMAT class. This means that your online GMAT class will be high-energy and high efficiency - there’s nowhere to hide under those bright studio lights, so your instructor will bring it every time.

Note, too, the symbiotic relationship between an elite GMAT instructor and a classroom built to engender lots of participation: by teaching live online GMAT classes with Veritas Prep, your instructor has seen it all before. Every potential mistake, every mnemonic device, every shortcut, every trap answer - your instructor has worked with hundreds of students who each shared thousands of thoughts, so by the time your online GMAT class begins, your instructor will have crowdsourced all kinds of helpful tidbits to add to the Veritas Prep curriculum and strengthen your GMAT mastery.

Community. Studying for the GMAT can be a lonely grind, which is why Veritas Prep has designed its live online GMAT courses to be community-driven. The culture of participation means that you’ll get to know classmates from around the world, and that they’ll be rooting for you to get answers right, right along with them. Our lively, live online GMAT classes develop recurring inside jokes, collaborate to teach one another alternative methods for solving problems, and share resources on everything from supplemental GMAT help to application strategy to career networking. With an online GMAT class from Veritas Prep you will look forward to attending class with your classmates, and ultimately enter the test center with the support and camaraderie of a team behind you.

Resources. When you take a live online GMAT course with Veritas Prep, the online class sessions just one element of the suite of resources that will help you master the GMAT. You’ll also have access to twelve computer-adaptive GMAT practice tests, twelve detailed e-books breaking down all the GMAT content and strategy required to score well into the 700s, recordings of all twelve classroom lessons - both from your class and from the popular Veritas Prep GMAT On Demand series - and thousands of practice problems and detailed solutions to help you practice all the skills you learn in your online GMAT class. What’s more, every single day for two hours, a live online GMAT instructor is available for “office hours” to assist you with homework questions, study strategy, and test day advice. And with your online GMAT class you will have access to those sessions and all other Veritas Prep GMAT resources for one full year.

Master the GMAT with Veritas Prep

Of course, while Veritas Prep’s live online GMAT prep is the (really cool) delivery mechanism, what you really want is insightful GMAT strategy and comprehensive coverage of GMAT content. And Veritas Prep is the global leader on all of the above. In your online GMAT class you will learn proven strategies such as:

Think Like the Testmaker: The overarching philosophy that Veritas Prep brings to our live online GMAT classes trains students to not just memorize rules and formulas, but to learn the test’s tendencies - what hints do they cleverly hide, what trap answers do they set for you, what shortcuts do they leave available, etc. The GMAT describes itself as a test of “higher order thinking,” of thinking critically, so just being really good at algebra or grammar isn’t what they’re after (and think about it - why would that help schools determine who will be the best business leaders?). In your online GMAT class we teach you how to think like the testmaker so that you can leverage hints, avoid traps, and efficiently attack this test of critical thinking.

Data Sufficiency - Leverage Assets and Play Devil’s Advocate: While Data Sufficiency, a question type unique to the GMAT, looks like “a strange way to ask a math question” it’s actually a logic game unto itself, and one that tests critical thinking and resource management. There are only two ways to miss a question: you think you have sufficient information but you actually don’t, and you think you don’t have sufficient information but you actually do. Our live online GMAT classes features strategies that help you avoid those mistakes: “Leverage Assets” has you squeeze all the sufficiency out of each piece of information so that if it’s sufficient, you’ll know it. And “Play Devil’s Advocate” has you stress test sufficiency against a range of use cases (e.g. fractions, negative numbers, irregular shapes that fit the definition, etc.) to make sure that you’ve assessed all possible use cases for sufficiency.

Sentence Correction - Decision Points: Sentence Correction isn’t simply a grammar test - it’s assessing critical thinking, reading for meaning, and prioritizing where you put your effort. Our Decision Points strategy gets you away from “read the sentence and look for errors” and has you 1) leverage differences between answer choices to find errors, and 2) prioritize the decisions that you’re best at making. The single greatest advantage you have on Sentence Correction is that you control the order you make decisions - if you prioritize the logical, recurring decisions you never have to delve into obscure grammatical or idiomatic distinctions.

Reading Comprehension - STOP: A major challenge that students face with GMAT Reading Comprehension involves reading the passage efficiently. Often students spend far too much time mired in details that are never asked about, or have their eyes skim over an entire passage without really internalizing any information. The STOP strategy taught in Veritas Prep live online classes has two important components: 1) it asks you to “STOP” at the end of each paragraph and at any major Organizational word (e.g. “however” or “therefore”) to ask yourself 2) Scope, Tone, Organization, and Purpose: do you know what it’s about, how the author feels, and therefore why was it written? This keeps students reading at the right “level” - just enough to answer big-picture questions from memory and to know where to return to find details - and saves plenty of time that you can then devote to deconstructing the Reading Comprehension questions themselves.

Critical Reasoning - “Conclusion is King” and “Mind the Gap”: In Critical Reasoning, precision in wording is everything: prompts and answer choices are written specifically to have a clever trap answer waiting for those who read the prompt generally while the correct answer is perfectly clear for those who caught that extra specificity. For example, if a conclusion is drawn regarding the unemployment rate, you can bet that a trap answer will talk about the number of people unemployed - a related statistic, but one that’s not perfectly tailored to the exact argument being made.

To combat this, Veritas Prep emphasizes two major strategies in its online GMAT classes: the first is all about identifying the conclusion of each argument and noticing the little things (adjectives, modifiers, “extra” phrases) that make the conclusion extra specific. And the second is about using that specificity to understand the gap in logic and be able to anticipate how a correct answer will address it. Our lesson delves into the common logical gaps that make these questions work: wordplay, statistical mismatches, correlation-vs.-causation, generalization, and others. When students read arguments with a critical eye and in anticipation of the common Critical Reasoning gaps, correct answers become clear and trap answers are no longer alluring.

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