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What our students love

Veritas Prep invites all of its students to complete a detailed instructor and course evaluation at the end of every SAT and ACT prep course. We review every student survey to ensure that all Veritas Prep instructors continue to meet the company’s strict standards for teaching quality and effectiveness.

“I was thoroughly impressed with the services Veritas Prep had to offer. I’ve used other SAT prep services in the past and I can honestly say that Veritas truly caters to your needs like no other program I’ve used before. I have already told my friends about Veritas. I will continually be a strong advocate for this company for years to come.”
Linsey M.
“I just got into NYU! I’ve never been more excited in my whole life! Thank you for helping me so much ... I don’t think I could have gotten in if it wasn’t for my SAT scores! Thank you so so so so so much again!
Mariayanna A.
“I just want to thank Veritas for the support and care you showed me ... It was notions of hope and willpower you brought me that I really needed, and you stuck with me and I respect that. Thanks for all you did to help me get to this point.”
Adam W.
“With the online live-video classes and the amazing teachers, the program is very well adapted to center on each individual student’s needs. I credit my improvement fully to Veritas Prep, and once again, I recommend it to everyone looking for any form of SAT preparation.
Jacob O.
“With my instructor’s depth of knowledge, especially in the critical reading section, I was able to get an 800. I attribute my success on the SAT largely to Veritas Prep. They helped me reach my goal score.”
Subhani K.
“Our son’s 300 point jump from his Junior PSAT to his final SAT score is a true reflection of Veritas Prep SAT tutoring. The Veritas Prep SAT program truly produced what it promised, and our son’s results are proof of that! Veritas Prep was worth every dollar we spent!”
Brandon B.
“The Veritas Prep course was concise and provides students with the tools they need to succeed on the SAT. The tips were invaluable, especially in regards to vocabulary. Our homework questions all come from Official College Board practices tests, unlike other brand name test prep companies. Though the classes are 3 hours per session, learning from the comfort of my home eliminated distractions that I would have experienced in a traditional classroom. I enjoyed my experience with Veritas Prep; I have and will continue to recommend the course to future SAT takers.

Taylor T.
“I had tried two other SAT services and three SAT coaches before bumping into Veritas Prep. I almost gave up trying to find the help I needed, but Veritas ensured me that I was making the right choice, and they were right! My instructor helped me improve my SAT score by over 100 points (it was pretty much stagnant before). Thank you so much for everything!”

Prabby P.
“I came to Veritas Prep extremely worried because the SAT is not well known where I come from. I am specially thankful to my tutor Geoffrey Caveney for giving me the confidence and skills I needed to succeed specifically in the Math and Critical Reading sections. Had it not been because of my significant improvement in the Math section I’m not entirely sure it would have been possible for me to have gotten into Boston University, Duke, Brown, and UPenn! I highly recommend this service to anyone who lacks confidence or skill to master the SAT.

José S.
“My experience with Veritas Prep was absolutely phenomenal. I was able to grasp all the SAT test taking strategies in a moderately short amount of time! I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. Thank you Veritas Prep!”
Bailey G.
Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to thank Veritas Prep for helping me get the score I wanted. I just got the results from the October SATs and I ended up getting a 2160. I started off in the low 1700s but through your help I improved by about 450. I got a 660 in reading, 720 in math, and a 780 in writing with a 9 on the essay. Again, thanks for everything.” – Mitt T.

Veritas Prep helped open doors for me that wouldn’t have been in my reach otherwise. Before Veritas, despite extensive studying, it seemed like I simply couldn’t get the score I wanted on my SAT. After Veritas, however, I came out with a 2200 and ended up getting accepted to Duke University! Needless to say, I would definitely recommend Veritas to any of my friends.” – Calvin G.

I’ve tried three SAT prep classes including this one, and this was by far the best. The online classes, vocab reviews, and the SAT practice tests were the most helpful parts of this prep. It has a perfect blend of neat “tricks” and “shortcuts” with actual facts and rules one must memorize before the test. I took one prep class that made me memorize everything and one that made me memorize nothing but tricks. The way to a 2400 is through a perfect balance of both and this prep class does just that.” – Emily V.

All of the techniques and strategies taught in this course are awesome. Going through the book I had countless “ah ha” moments and was raising my score with every page I read. I really liked the vocab lists especially. They made it very easy to study vocab wherever I was. The instructors are all incredibly knowledgeable. My score has so far improved by 400 points and still rising!” – Ryan H.

Everything was amazing, this course was very beneficial to me because my SAT score went higher by 600 points, and my teacher was very kind. She took extra time to teach us great techniques to conquer the SAT. The techniques she thought me were very helpful, they made me feel more confident, and this program gave the best practices ever.” – Hamza M.

This is by far the best SAT course ever. The techniques were a lot better. It helped raise my score by about 200 points. I went to Revolution Prep before and Revolution dropped my score.” – Rohan M.

Tired searching for best SAT course? Well search no more because Veritas Prep is the right place for anyone that wants to be a guaranteed a higher SAT score! At first I was skeptical but when I have seen the reviews, I decided to give Veritas Prep a chance and it did not disappoint. Veritas Prep helped my SAT score skyrocket and I gained admission to a great school. I highly thank my instructors for helping me review the materials thoroughly.” – Arsal A.

My instructor was very knowledgeable and even gave his own tips on how to earn a 2400 on the SAT. I would recommend Veritas Prep to any of my friends wanting to improve their score. It was definitely worth it.” – Katalina A.

My instructor was amazing. She made the class very interesting, got to know each one of her students very well, and developed a great bond with each of them. I feel prepared for the exam, and the course was awesome. I still keep in contact with some of the other students.” – Armond A.

The Veritas Prep course was incredibly helpful for me. The strategies that we went over every weekend remarkably helped on my tests, as well as the reviews on the lesson. The practice tests are extremely helpful. I noticed that as I completed more of them my score improved. I feel very prepared for the exam thanks to my instructor. Her attitude also made me feel comfortable in the class and her ability to guide me through every step was extremely helpful.” – Andreina C.

The instructors were top notch which surprised me. I thought we were going to get someone who was instructed to teach the SAT and didn’t really score well, but no our instructors had like 2380 on the test, and some were from Harvard and Yale (graduates). The materials - everything I needed was there. Thank you so much for this opportunity.” – Adeena K.

I highly recommend this course. Saying I feel more prepared for the test doesn’t adequately cover it. Looking back, I feel like I was stumbling around in the dark in my previous SAT and feel amazed I got any correct at all! This course changes the way one takes the test, which is exactly what is required for something like the SAT. My instructor was great and always available for help, staying after class and despite how long it seemed for a single sitting, class was pretty interesting and engaging. I recommend doing the homework and just keeping up with the program because it really pays off in the end. Great course, great class. – Elizma P.

The course materials were of great help. The textbook had numerous tips and step-by-step explanations to a variety of problems. The weekly vocabulary truly helped me start recognizing and understanding uncommon words on the SAT, therefore helping me get a few more points. Additionally, the practice tests make the SAT almost a routine, thus making it less stressful and confusing. They also gave me an idea of my strengths and weaknesses on the SAT. I believe this course has helped me be more competent on the SAT than I was the first time I took the test, and I think it will help me increase my score on certain sections. Finally, the instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject and was thus clear in her explanations of the problems. She was also helpful in giving me feedback on my essays and explaining any homework problems I did not understand.” – Giacomo M.

Veritas Prep is a very detailed and accurate program designed specifically for success on the SAT. During my course, I found that there was never a lack of available resources to help me improve on any section that I needed to improve on. The instructor was always enthusiastic and eager to help out. I would recommend this to all of my friends and family and not to my enemies, because it is guaranteed to give them satisfaction.” – Wahid I.

Veritas Prep was incredibly helpful in preparing me for the SAT! I thought the materials given were very helpful, especially the workbook and the slide printouts. The practice tests, On Demand lessons and homework help were fantastic as well, for questions on homework, the instructors usually get back to you within a day or so. After taking the course, I feel much more confident in taking the SAT.” – Anna A.

My teacher was very interactive and knowledgeable. It was great to have him. The best SAT program around.” – Kai C.

Veritas was a salient experience for me- my instructor was very well-read and interesting, and I truly enjoyed both him and my classmates. Thank you Veritas for the incredible help that I have received towards preparing for my SAT! My scores have truly improved.” – Natasha T.

My instructor was great. He was able to properly explain the material and answer any questions our group had. He was very patient and helped me better understand the strategies that the Veritas Prep course outlines. I strongly recommend my instructor to others.” – Akshay R.

I liked how we were on video and audio in class and he would ask us questions to ensure our participation and understanding. He also addressed any questions we had.” – Stephanie P.

I’m absolutely loving this course. Everything I used to fail on in the SAT, I’m succeeding in! Thank you Veritas Prep.” – Jake R.

The materials were great and lessons were very organized. The strategies cover every question on the SAT and make them more black and white rather than just words. The practice tests were very helpful. The instructor was patient and sent us reminder emails which were helpful. She was very easy to talk to and made the strategies clear.” – Sarah M.

Veritas prep is an extremely helpful service. The site is easily navigated and everything a student needs to be successful is both online and in text. The official practice tests are undoubtedly more helpful than those heavy, bulky, unofficial, $20 books you get at bookstores and, when combined with the coherent video lessons, practice problems with fully worked out solutions, and interactive vocabulary on the website, this program will certainly pay for itself as testing day rolls around. Many of my friends spent their entire summers in a classroom program learning about and studying for the SAT; even without those absurd amounts of time, this program gave me both the knowledge and confidence to do well on the SAT when I take it this coming October.” – Jamie Z.

The Veritas Prep SAT Course offers tips and methods that really help in preparing to ace the SAT. The tips are really useful and the lessons regarding different types of questions.” – Simone Y.

The practice tests were very helpful, and the advice in the books were great. I really liked how we went through 50 math problems in order to get an idea of how to do them. I also liked how we used unconventional methods to solve problems, and Shaan Patel openly said to forget about what our teachers might have taught us. Very different from other SAT prep books that are teacher approved. Unorthodox but helpful. Thank you for all the help in preparation!” – Rhea P.

My Veritas Prep experience was one I am very grateful for. My instructor was incredibly helpful, and the course materials were more than substantial. Practice tests, online videos, workbooks, and vocabulary lists were all provided. Due to this program, I feel very prepared for my SAT!” – Briana C.

I was incredibly surprised to realize that even after the first session my SAT score improved. I thought it would take time to develop my skills, but I saw rapid improvement. The instructor knew what he was talking about and was extremely helpful.” – Harper V.

The course was actually fun, compared to other studies I do. It was nice to be interacting with others, instead of just studying on my own, which is boring. The materials were very useful, the lessons had really interesting and helpful tips, and I feel pretty prepared for the exam, even though it is still 3 weeks away. I am glad you let the students keep using the materials after the class is over. That is so useful. Jake Davidson, my instructor, genuinely seemed interested in improving our test scores, and abilities. I really hope I can take a class from Veritas Prep again soon!” – Evan P.

Veritas SAT Prep is an amazing program! My instructor was extremely helpful and worked with me on specific topics I was having trouble with. This program really improved my scores! It was awesome to see the change!” – Jeanae D.

The instructor was awesome, the classes were awesome, and overcoming the fear of the SAT was overwhelmingly awesome. I would definitely recommend Veritas Prep to my underclassmen friends and to those who struggle with the SAT.” – Kevin C.

Veritas Prep has gone way past my expectations. Not only was I taught simple strategies for the SAT, which were the bomb and will stick with me forever, but I also learned how to gain confidence not just for the SAT exam day but also for future test days. I don’t know how I got lucky enough to find this course. Regrets don’t even start to come to mind. There is nothing I would change with any of my decisions made with Veritas Prep. I seriously could not have done it without Veritas Prep. I have already told a number of my closest friends all about y’all. This is truly the best class I have ever taken in my life! I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Thank you so much!” – Rebecca W.

Veritas prep is just amazing! The live online classes, study materials and practice tests were great. The textbook had numerous tips, strategies and step-by-step explanations to a variety of problems. My instructor was the best SAT tutor I could ever have. He was always enthusiastic and eager to help out his students. He made our lessons both interesting and engaging. Veritas prep classes made me feel more confident for the SAT. I would highly recommend this prep to anyone and everyone seeking to ace the SAT. Thank you so much Veritas!!!” – Ameena M.

My experience with Veritas Prep for the SAT was extraordinary. I never took the SAT before this course and I felt prepared for both the content on the SAT and the SAT itself. The instructor was interactive with the student users and made the online course feel similar to a classroom. The materials included with this online course helped me reach a level of confidence that is typically absent on exam day. I would gladly recommend this course to any of my peers.” – Zachary C.

I couldn’t think of a better program to recommend my friend to than the Veritas Prep SAT program which helped me reach a level of performance I never thought possible. Gratefully, I received interview invites from my top choice colleges and will find out soon from them and definitely share the news. Thank you so much for everything.” – Sebastian H.

I loved Veritas. I feel like it really helped me and I feel a lot more prepared for the SAT! The connection was good and the instructor was excellent.” – Kiran D.

In comparison to other prep programs that I tried for the SAT, Veritas Prep was by far the best because of its much smaller class sizes and more personal attention. The office hours that are available for students 4 times a week were especially helpful as they gave even more personal attention outside of class. Veritas prep helped me get the SAT score that I needed to get into some of the most competitive schools in the US.” – Melania S.

World-class customer service and satisfaction

At Veritas Prep, customer satisfaction matters a great deal to us. After hearing about the customer service horror stories from other SAT Prep companies, we made a commitment to ourselves and to our students to provide a superb service and always do the right thing for the student. We have a dedicated customer experience team whose only job it is to make sure that every client of Veritas Prep has a great experience and would be delighted to recommend us to their colleagues and peers.